Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Whazoo In Wonderland

We just went to see Alice In Wonderland in 3D, fantastic, in my mind. And WITH that in mind, we've taken a 4 donut trip, 2 days, to visit the wonderland of the Sonoran Desert during a wet spring. Not many flowers yet but oh boy is it green. "Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the twitter; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths Outfitter." Wasn't that how it goes?

This is Dromedary Peak, and I already see a face...

Instead of a white rabbit we have with us a white dog, his name is Bear.

And let me introduce you to the new and improved...

We've come to this area to specifically do some 4 wheeling with the camper, and spent Friday afternoon and all Saturday to go 20 miles. It is rough and extremely slow. Easy for the Jeeps we see, but as slow as we are, they are all impressed to see a camper pull up to them. In fact, they were curiouser and curiouser.

Views are once again the best in this very hilly country we've taken our little burg to. And where does "burg" come from? Like "garb", it spells something backwards, grub. So while I don't brag about my garb I do eat grub in my burg.

The ocotillos are just about to bloom and with a little warmer temps will be in full blossom.

A fairly level spot is all we were asking for and it wasn't looking good. But just before sunset there it was. How do you spell perfect timing?

I know he'd like to find some rabbit, or stripped squirrel.

The Whazoo Meat Co. will deliver fresh steaks to you...where ever you are. You herd it here.

We'll even cook them up for you, Wonderland style...

And that's no bull.

While ripping off a few...pictures, Mrs. Whazoo yells for me to get "the bird". Which I cannot see in the viewfinder so I just take a shot anyway.

Instead of skeletons in the closet, here we have a sahuaro skeleton on the ground. They are illegal to take on state land, but are as interesting to see dead as they are alive.

Behind us is the road in, and why we were glad to find a teeny tiny flat spot.

Today is NHYS Day, National Hug Your Sahuaro Day, so I do...gently.

In the distance are the Superstition Mountains, and Weaver's Needle. The supposed landmark for the "Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine."

We're driving, we're driving, the creek is now the road.

All rough roads in Arizona can trace their existence to 2 things, mining and ranching. And we get to enjoy the few remaining remnants of a tougher time thru the looking glass we call a "camera".

Sahuaros are called "The Sentinels Of The Desert" and the name means "standing wall of water" as the amount of water they store is astounding. They can live hundreds of years and survive most calamities thrown their way. I never get tired of looking at their many shapes and sizes.

After spending some time in the sun, Bear gives lessons to dudes everywhere on how to cool the dooley wacker.

Alice and her white dog.

It's mine, all mine.

OK, what's mine is yours too Alice.

We'll pause now for this message from the beer of Whazoos everywhere...

A six pack of this beer will have you feeling very small.

And back down that rocky creek we go.

Here we have a teenage mutant sahuaro. Do you see a face?

No, it's not uber wheeling, but still fun.

Location, location, location.

Today Mad Hatter and I are thinking of words that start with "o".

Outstanding, outrageous, outside, outback, Outfitter...

Alice has found what looks to be the oldest tree in the desert.

Saturday night has us back out in the flats where the desert grasses grow.

Staghorn cholla looking for someone to stick it to.

I am still seeing faces, anyone else?

"Whazoo in wonderland, put the looking glass down, and come finish your tea and cake to return you to your "muchness."

We feel so blessed to live here in the desert. But if you ask me what I think of it in a few months, the answer will be un-printable.

Whazoo's digs in the desert.

This little gem is called "jumping cholla" because it seems to literally jump on to passing Whazoos.

Or Alices.

Life and death, at exactly the same time.

Up close with a cactus skeleton shows the structural means for holding all those arms up while full of water. 

Hedgehog cactus, grows mainly in the Red Queen's domain.

Bear says "Put er there Paw."

Given the love of a good dog I will certainly call it a good day.

Having run all over the desert this weekend, Bear is "bushed."

Anyone remember the show "Hondo"? Bear looks a bit like his dog. Ok, enough dog pictures.

The fish hook cactus, without bait.

Just for size...

After a great outing it's started to rain, so we'll just be running now.

So we'll just be heading back down the gopher hole, as I could not find a rabbit hole to use.

Thanks for reading,
Dave Rogers

Post Script:
Well here I go again. I had installed very beefy tie rods after our bending one in the Sierras last year. I also lengthened and beefed up the sway bar linkages, only to yank the ball joint apart on one. They have now been replaced, sans ball joint. I also slit a sidewall on one tire and had to flix another fat. With only 36,000 miles on the truck I now have my 3rd full set of tires and have gone with BFG KM2's, mud terrains, and love them. All in the life of a Whazoo. We'll try to get back in a few weeks for flowers. Have a great weekend all you Mad Hatters out there, drive safe.