Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Whazoos' Magical Mystery Tour-The Owyhees

Hello Friends, welcome back! It's nice to have another trip to post. It was a very magical mystery trip, it was our first camping and exploration of our new home state, Idaho! 

I didn't know exactly where to go, the mountains were still snowed in yet we have 360º of fun surrounding us. "We'll head south" he said as he tilted his head...south. Well? So like a flock of snow birds we took off and flew, south.

The main dirt road was indeed graveled and it seemed to go on forever, into infinity. You know the road right? 

 It's always a joy to see different places with different scenery and since it was spring all the hills had that slight high desert green to them. The temperatures were fabulous, while already close to 100º back in Phoenix, our old home.

Driving across those grasslands not knowing what to expect, an eye-opener of a canyon dropped away, making me week in the knees for joy. Of course being week in the knees makes one pronate causing for sore week ankles. The best cure for both is to be sitting in the cushy cab of a GMC while your eyes take in the gorgeous scenery. And, it had a river running through it.

A site for four eyes, an old corral still in decent shape.

A bridge over bubbled waters, by Art Whazfunkle. (You had to be there, and it still didn't make sense)

While setting up camp a strange cloud bank drifted over. I had little interest and doubted there would be a deposit of rain.

There was a tributary of the main river right in front of us, with riffles that would put us to sleep that night.

In my hands were two Snickers Bars, one said Feisty and the other Complainer, describing both me and Mrs. Whazoo. Which one am I? I'll fudge a little and give you a hint, I have my feisty face on.
I'll fudge a bit, I'll, Snickers Bars, fudge?...I blew that one by you didn't I? Boy I'm on my game today folks!

Across the camp and river was an old hand-built trail. What a lot of work! It's not a good picture for sure but I really don't care, since you just told me I was a complainer. And I even gave you a good hint, argh.

Mrs. Whazoo cools her heels for a minute and lets her toes go slack. We can't sit for long though, being slacktoes intolerent. Say whaaat?

Besides a river and a tributary there was also a small stream we walked up a ways. The dogs are missing the swimming pool in Phoenix it seems, with motorboat Bailey making her own little wake.

Duke and Bailey are two wonderful outdoors dogs and we love them to death. They love to do the same things we do, hike, play in the water, chew sticks. Wait, what? Here are a couple of videos. The pictures are the links.

Duke was dog tired after all the diving, and I think we should have named him Matt.

It was a gorgeous place to camp and for not knowing what to expect we were thrilled. My good friend DJ who lives in Boise told me he was worried that Idaho would not hold up to our Southwest scenery...DJ we are over-the-top impressed!

It was time for some hamn damburgers and I'm happy to say these weren't the Costco variety but handmade by Mrs. Whazoo. 

Together we make the best burgers ever roasted over open charcoal, following the famous Whazoo recipe. Have I shown you this beefore? If you can remember, give yourself a patty on the back.

Evening came on strong and with it a strong rum and coke, followed by dreams and sounds of flowing water from the river. Have you noticed what the sound of flowing water does to a guy? I'm thinking of inventing a catheter that reaches the bathroom. Have you ever stepped on a dog in the piddle of the night? Not to mention that long drop...off the bed to the floor. Gals too, gotta be a way around it.

We awoke to blue skies. Wait a minute, that sounds so cliche. Ok we awakened to skies straight out of a Whazoo trip report, they always seem to be good. Good morning sunshine! Good morning little river! How does he do that?

"How to Get Wired First Thing in the Morning", by Whazoo. Let's see, coffee, coke and a Zipfizz. Well obviously the coffee was for me, the coke for Duke and Zipfizz for Bailey. Look, I know it looks bad but this was one of those things where it isn't what it looks like. Ok ok, let's make mornings great again, that's all I'm saying.

In the meantime Duke was on a cellulose diet...bark bark.

One more video of the dogs doing something we didn't expect but then again, maybe they all do it...

I took a final shot of the tributary and we drove off on the road less graveled, to who knew where? We sure didn't...

I don't take pictures of rocky roads much anymore, they never look as bad as they are in a truck and camper. But after this road leveled out some it had a certain pucker factor to it. It felt like we were tight road walking. I didn't ask Mrs. Whazoo to give it a pucker factor because she was on the outside, but she did give a little yell when I tried to take a picture while rolling along. Good thing I wasn't chewing gum at the same time.

We're driving we're driving. Oy, look at that ol road across the river! Is this part of the Oregon Trail or was it built by Kirk Douglas in his movie "The Way West"?

I zoomed in a little to see and can't imagine driving a wagon across, much less up the hill below the canyon. Those were real men, not like I pretend to be in my 460 horses of steel, aluminum and Filon convenience.

We started a descent...

That was definitely decent, there was still nobody around.

Lil Bailey's eyes were bulging out at the site...

While Duke whispered, "I can't look down, I'm afraid of heights!"

What an exciting trail we were on, it included a drive through the a family of Reeds.

I asked Mrs. Whazoo if she recognized Lou, Jerry or Donna. Well, that's the only thing I could come up with, unless you'd like to reed more...padump.

Another incredible place to camp! It was so nice I fully expect it to be closed by the BLM next time we go, simply because they can and because they don't like us to camp near water. It had to be said.

A playground for us and the dogs, Idaho is pure heaven. Wait, I mean we were actually in Oregon here, having seen a state line drawn on the dirt road. Funny how that works.

"Dad, can we camp here, I can chase weird things that walk on water."

Ok Duke. Mom says this is a good place...

With good scenery and good vibes.

And two water falls just across the river.

A young couple, I can say that now right? Four wheeled in with a kayak to paddle across the river to sit in what they said were 95º waters in a pool at the top of the falls just below the old road and missing bridge. "Whew" They had a hard time in the fast water and I was impressed with their paddling skills and strength. They also told us the water on our side coming out of the mountain was a mere 80º yet we were excited, having seen a small rock pool just below the road in.

While taking a walk I had to convince Mrs. Whaz to cross the 80º stream that sank a full foot, or two, when you stepped in, releasing a stench that reminded me of the Grey Water Soup I cooked up on occasion.

I mainly wanted to get just a little farther downstream for the pew, I mean view.

Ok so this wasn't the first vehicle I've driven into the ground. I think it was a Dodge, maybe Ford. Ok ok maybe a Tundra, there I said it.

Duke asked "Is it spring Dad?"

I have to apologize here. I have a new 27inch iMac with Retina display after eleven years with the same ol mac, making my pictures look in full screen much better than they are. Leading me to be severely disappointed with the smaller pictures that seem to lose sharpness after uploading to photobucket. So many mini pictures are posted by yours truly, that should be discarded. What can I say, change the channel...

Not known for being physically creative I have to say how happy we are with my little creation, the Whazgrill. I cut the legs off one grill and added the fold-out legs from another, having bought both from Home Depot at the end of the year for ten bucks apiece. It starts off the evening as a charcoal grill for grilling, yes, or use with my Dutch Oven directly on the charcoal. Then we switch to wood for the evening fire by taking the grill off. If it gets too windy I can close the lid yet leave the vent open so it can still burn itself out while not spewing sparks. Plus we never leave a hint of a fire so there is less reason for you-know-who to close a camp spot. Would you like one? Of course, send money to Whazgrill.grl, a lot of money please.Thank you...

Ms.Bailey Yoda she is. This was her very first screen shot.

One touch says it all

Waiting for the party to start

The little hot tub on the prairie, well lukewarm but still enjoyable

No Duke, you can't come in Buddy. Oh the dog days of bummer.

Chubasco skies came and went all evening, looking like we were about to be dumped on. Literally...Is that a sphincter cloud?

Oh thank heavens for little grills. Being surrounded by volcanic rock I could hear the Doors singing, "Come On Baby Rhyolite My Fire". Sorry for that, I ruined the moment didn't I?

Morning comes late in a canyon, we were burning daylight. So said my friend Duke.

The navigator has her radars out while we prepare for departure.

Goodbye little pool on the prairie.

I seem to be missing somebody though. "Run Mrs. Whazoo, run!" And bring that box of chocolates, I need some sugar.

How green was my valley, not starring Roddy Whazoo.

This magical mystery tour never stopped, surprising us around every turn. A dam lake! Yes I did.

I suppose that guy was two tired, so leaned them up against the posts. Uh huh uh huh.

We've had some mighty fine trips but this one is up there for scenery and weather, as a squall blew about the prairie.

Mrs. asked me to stop for some steaks since we have a ton of room in our cavernous Outfitter. She was concerned about the suspension on the truck though. I told her I had beefed it up some, and that was no bull.

Muy mas moss. Look, don't ask me to explain these things ok? I don't understand it myself.

This was a strange place, wherever we were. Birdhouses? Old license plates? Doing a little research after the trip I found there to be a good reason. There are bat houses on occasion as well and they are to promote the population of bats and certain birds like the bluebird. You see they both eat large quantities of insects, including the insidious varieties of pine beetles. What a great idea and I hope it words well.

Wouldn't you know I just did get a not-so-great picture of the bluest bluebird before it blew by me.

Our last night we just drove up another road less graveled and stopped to camp. I called it The High Lonesome. I expected to see Randolph Scott ride by any minute, it was that kind of place. Mrs. Whazoo said she was the Lonesome and I was the...High above were some gorgeous pieces of floating atmosphere.

The Misfits

"Mom, Duke's dead, can I eat him?"

Driving the high lonesome there were pieces of color popping out of the ground.

Even back down on the desert floor.

I had heard that there were some people just dying to meet us, but I had grave concerns.

I did take some other pictures but because of the humble feeling that came over me I won't post them. One stone was marked "Our Baby", name and died 1903. These were some hardy folks and I could only imagine the hardship that came with trying to live there. The old rusty iron rails that surrounded them was in remarkable shape, being made in the USofA. Maybe it wasn't as old as some of these graves but it gave me an All American feeling.

Right before hitting pavement we saw this and I thought to myself, that guy was too entirely tired to retire tired tires. And yes, I plagiarized a little.

I too am tired and will retire for the evening leaving you to wonder, is he feisty or is he the complainer? But then we already know don't we?

Thanks for reading, lets make truck camping great again. And don't forget, it's not how fast you mow but how fast you mow well. Huh?

The Whazoo Gang

Added videos of two sweet little girls. My life's achievements to date, I'm Baba. They couldn't say GrandPa, and isn't that how it's supposed to work?! Photos are links...