Monday, April 20, 2015

Whazoo Finds Woop Woop...Finally

Is it too soon? I think it's too soon but I'll know soon enough. For another Whazoo trip report I mean.

We have spring camping fever here in Arizona, Mrs. Whazoo, Bear and I. Doctor's orders, "go camping Whazoo, go camping." So we headed east. Now don't ask me why we went east. Horace Greeley never said "go east young man, go east." And I'm not drawn east by some inner magnet. Usually we head north or west, but east we went.

First heading for some rock hounding of fire agates, which we found so very little of. Not even enough to warrant a picture. In fact not many pictures were taken at all of this underwhelming scenery. I am jaded though, having seen some of the best in the west. Here are just a few pictures of "the east".

The poppies were scattered everywhere, making me think of Mary. Yes, Mary Poppins poppies are poppin. Say it fast 10 times (without reading it), I can't.

While walking around in "the east" we find ourselves in a "grave" situation that made me start coffin. So I took cough drops. (Huh?) As we can't quite make out the marker, I give this lonesome soul my own epitaph. "Here in the ground lies Lester Moore, shot in the back with a 44. No Les no Moore."

We spent the night in an area of scattered abandoned trailers and red dirt hills which reminded us of "The Hills Have Eyes." And with an unsettled feeling, we left the "east".

On to the White Canyon area south of Superior, and a superior place it is...

Our first sighting of livestock gave us a laugh, and a feeling of sympathy, all at the same time. This is the udder most sympathetic situation you'll see dealing with jumping cholla. How is this dude going to get that thing off his nose?

Having herd the Whazoo Meat Co. is out looking for fresh beef, the other livestock have become masters of disguise.

The first night is quiet and peaceful, can this be Woop Woop? (See trip report from last summer) The definition of Woop Woop as told to me by my Australian friend Brad is any place out in the middle of nowhere with no one around. We're close.

The cliffs of White Canyon are visible from camp.

The trail starts off easy enough as we drive through the rarest of things, water in the desert.

Then things start closing in.

Soon enough we hit a gate and some rocks that have stopped some others. Telling the Whazoo he can't make it, we continue on, making it. Funny, folks are always telling us we can't make it with our camper. They don't know us and our WHAZN8R.

Now we're rolling...

And sure as my name is Whazoo, it is spring in the desert!

Folks should know, gates without "keep out" signs on them are subject to being open, just as long as being closed again after entry. Don't tell anyone though.

We usually bring Rocky Road ice cream. This time no ice cream, just the Rocky Road.

The road is visible in the distance, and as usual, looks smooth. Don't they always?

"Yeah Mom, I found this girl out in the hills. Can I keep her? She likes to camp and hike and make breakfast in a camper!"

Next stop for the night is perfect! This is Woop Woop Whazoo!!

Isn't she a butte?

Now when I go to sell my camper, and buy my second Outfitter, I hope you all won't let on. The ad will read,"For sale, gently used Outfitter. Never off road, comes with a view."

The prickly and the pretty.

During a walk-about we discover the tallest standing saguaro skeleton I've ever seen. His once mighty arms dangling at his side.

Once again, Bear is about bushed. Mrs. Whazoo too.

I had to axe my wife if she liked my bloomers. (bloomers, get it? Flowers, pants? You folks are tuff on me today.) I wear them to blend in with the desert flowers. Kind of like the elephant wearing red tennis shoes to blend in with the strawberries.

This is Woop Woop to Bear also. Not a sound to hear but birds, bees, and at night, crickets. Jimmeny!

Looking like green velvet with all the desert grasses.

Bushwhacking to a cave seen from camp, poor Mrs. Whazoo. I can't count all the times this girl has been on hillsides and cliffs with me.

Yes, I see the camper. You have a point there Mrs. Whazoo.

Truly, one of the most magnificent saguaros I've ever seen, at over 30 feet with the most and largest of arms. Surely between 2 and 3 hundred years old.

The cave wasn't much other than good exercise, and now we're heading down. Make that sitting down.

Gastronomical bypass, saguaro style. And still alive and well.

It's looking like a crowd has gathered to watch us.

Up close and personal with a cholla, I'm thinking of "The Day of the Triffids" as they try to get in the truck!

It's been mentioned to give kudos to the photographer in reports of the past. But I think he'd prefer bacon.

Check out the tread on my new BFG KM2's! Now those dudes would make for some serious Huaraches!

Heading back out from Woop Woop to civilization, we aren't ready to leave yet. Although you may be with all the bouncing around you've done. 4wheeling with a camper is extremely slow, have I said that beefore?

My new hobby is buffing. Yes, buffing desert pin strips. But there is always a price to pay and well worth it.

The End...

Thanks for reading,
Dave Rogers

Post Script: As usual, some told us we couldn't make it passed the first gate. A guy just has
to try. As you can kind of see in the last picture, there are some full size rigs sitting there.
These folks are walking the creek as we drive by and the look of astonishment is more than worth the scratches on "the rig". And as also mentioned, I will be hanging with the Outfitter Men at the Overland Expo the middle of April. I certainly hope to see you there!!
Happy Camping...

Originally posted on 4/03/10