Saturday, June 12, 2021

Back to Magic Lake

Life has been rough lately, too much work and no play makes Dave a dull boy. Lynn took a week off work so we could skip out into the woods and sit by a lake...Magic Lake. Our first trip here two years ago was with twin Granddaughters and we had a blast, but this trip we needed to spend time alone, fishing, playing games and taking two hour long naps oh yeah.

Our Granddaughters came over to help us get ready with Parker being interested in learning how to wrench. She did it with a smile.

I had called the Forest Service to ask about the main road in since it is a high road and prone to keep snow until later in June, this being the first week. Oh yes said the nice Ranger Lady, we've just finished clearing the road of fallen trees from the winter. Awesome to hear off we went. It is a 4 hour drive over the main road in with 30 miles of washboard dirt. No joke we made to within 10 miles of the lake and were stopped by a 6 foot high snow bank complete with a huge fallen tree on top. Turning around and driving back to the highway and driving way back around to come in the back way in we finally made it...after 10 hours of driving. I need to have a talk with that nice lady at the Forestry Service, about specifying which "main" road she means.

This was the back road we ended up taking, past snow and burned trees.

We pulled up to an empty lake just after the sun dropped below the mountains, about 9pm. It actually doesn't get dark until 10. No dinner, margaritas had to do, sadly. We sat there looking over the dark lake and had a couple of drinks, making us giggle at the silly things in life, like making a 10 hour drive out of 4.

I had a Titanic idea for a pose, or was I thanking God for finally getting us there?

In the morning I felt as if I had croaked, or was it a frog in my throat?

Baby frogs have a special place in our hearts. Living on acreage in Oregon my little daughter Jess, about 3 years old, ran around all day one time with her baby "wog" in her hand. She was so proud that I didn't have the heart to tell her it had died, in her hand. Here's to baby wogs, alive.

Our first morning was calm, time to troll for fish.

Did I say fish? Trout in particular.

Put on your good glasses to see the camper, with no one else around. In 4 days we were the only boat fishing on the entire lake. Several other people were camped around the lake but no one else fished.

We left Duke the big dog at home so Lynn had to explain it to Bailey.

This would be our only calm night with a fire. 

Next morning, more calm. Little did we know that wind was coming our way.

 I caught the biggest fish but Lynn caught the most. Her most used exclamation, "Oops another one." This is how she does it, cheater she is.

Ah yes but I get to show off my big 17 incher. 

For a break in fishing we payed Triple Yahtzee. The Grand Whazoo took the prize with not just one but three Yahtzee's. It was dicey but I was on a roll.

So I caught the biggest fish and won triple Yahtzee. Not bad for a guys birthday, cheers.

Then the wind came up, big time. White caps on the lake kept us onshore and in the camper. No big deal, we watched a movie and fell asleep to wind rocking the camper.

Mornings were the only bit of calm we had the next three days so it was up early to fish followed by 2 hour afternoon naps. I call it heaven. Fish on!

Oh heck yeah, fish fry and hush puppies coming to my house.

Yes Dear, that ones yours, you have a point there.

A girl and her little friend

The white caps had died down for a while, it was nice

Another calm morning, but the wind was coming up earlier and earlier blowing us off the water before lunch.

There's something fishy about this picture

She was out there on this point every morning. Mama and her baby that was the size of a small dog standing in the middle of the picture. This was the best shot I could get and had to crop to this, meaning it's not a great shot. We also saw a giant bald eagle and a pair of goldens along with loons and osprey. At night if the wind died a bit we could hear fifty different birds across the lake.

Fish fry at Lynn and Dave's house the end of June, can you make it?

Thanks for reading...

PS. Blogger has really messed things up in the formatting department. It's impossible for me to get pictures and text right where I want them to be. New is not always better...